Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sweet Tale of Friendship and Love

New book everyone!  Just in time for the holidays.  This is an excellent gift for young adult readers.  I would like to add if you are picky about gifts and are looking for a wholesome story without violence, sex and foul language.  Beautiful book!


Ingrid is a young adult novel set within a Scottish culture with a touch of magic and the paranormal. The book is written in such a way that the mystical elements are quite believable and spiritual. The time period is neither past, present or future, but placed in a setting that is nonspecific but can be imagined quite clearly. Ingrid is a special young lady with one flaw - she cannot physically speak. However, her childhood friend, Adair, does not see this as a fault. As the son of the town's loathed villager, he finds solace with his beautiful friend. As the story progresses, many characters are introduced and interweaved into the mysteries surrounding Adair's father, mother, and the gift that Ingrid offers to all, unknowingly. Her "flaw" becomes something more precious than anyone ever conceived. A curious pair of travelers enter into the plot and as the tale unwinds, a hated person becomes wrongly accused and jailed, forgiveness, redemptions and hearts are healed. This story is unique in nature. Young adult readers will enjoy the journey not only between Ingrid and Adair, but the epiphanies the minor characters experience. Spirituality, love, friendship and commitment are themes are constantly present. It will teach the reader that one can make mistakes in life, to forgive is truly divine and that the power of love is ultimately the answer.

If you were lucky enough to purchase the limited edition, the accompanying music written specifically for the novel by Jared Kraft is at times haunting, sweet and joyous. Each tune matches the mood of the subplots and heightens the senses to actually experience the pain, love and loss throughout the book. 

The music, the story and the illustrations will be make the story highly original and unique in nature. Worth the read! 

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