Monday, December 30, 2013

Fallen Seal Legacy by Sharon Hamilton

Fallen SEAL Legacy (SEAL Brotherhood, #2)
As a military spouse, I tend to navigate toward this type of romantic genre.  Coop is a SEAL known as a playboy and with no grass roots.  He has seen relationships fall apart due to his career choice.  The easy solution:  never get involved.  One night stands are more his preference.  However, after a personal tragedy, he is ordered to complete a task that he finds uncomfortable.  Step in Libby - a smart, beautiful woman who is running from her own personal demons.  Their chance encounter leads to a more permanent one.  Coop is confused about his emotions but as a SEAL, he is dedicated to protect the innocent.  After threatening letters are sent to Libby's family and other horrific events transpire, Coop has to not only battle his feelings for Libby, and his conflict with her father but also the menace stalking her entire family.  The story is full of emotional conflicts, suspense and hot, steamy love scenes.  If you love the military line of romance, then you will enjoy this story.">View

Christmas He Loved Her - Book Review

Christmas He Loved Her
Author Juliana Stone brings together a heart-tugging, emotional roller coaster over the Christmas holidays.  Jake Edwards has not returned home after the death of his brother - twin - and fellow soldier.  After the funeral, Jake's pain is so deep that he disappears without contacting family or his deepest pain, Raine, a woman he has loved for as long as he could remember.  The problem? Raine is his brother's widow.  His ultimate guilt for the feelings for Raine drive him away until he hears of his father's illness. Raine is irritated and confused when Jake suddenly shows up.  She wants to stay angry with him, but her own demons surface.  She loved her husband, but the feelings she has for Jake are much more turbulent and she cannot explain them. The week of the funeral, they shared their passions and then he left abruptly.  She, too, feels guilt for her passionate pull toward her husband's brother, so much so, that the past year had been pure hell.  Lack of sleep, not eating, crying bouts, depression and a secret that Jake is unaware continues to haunt her. To top it off, Gloria, Raine's "mother" has suddenly decided to she wants to be a part of Raine's life.  This just compounds her life even more. Jake brings a woman, Lily St. Claire,  along for the holidays who is also suffering from the war tragedy.  Her own brother is facing death. Her only support is Jake and her presence has caused friction among Jake and Raine. Raine is not sure how to handle Lily but she also feels that she has to right to claim her brother in law.  She must let Jake continue his own life. Raine must overcome her anger and face her emotions for Jake and he must do the same. As misunderstanding leads to conflict, eventually, the holidays bring them closer, secrets are exposed and the healing begins. This is definitely a book that will keep your emotions on a roller coaster.  The writer composes her words in such a way that you are attached to the main characters and everyone involved.  As a military wife, the connection of loss, unanswered questions and guilt were realistic and pulled at the heart strings. A good, solid read!">View

Looking For Alaska - Book Review

Looking for Alaska

Miles is seeking a purpose in life.."The Great Perhaps."  As an only child of loving and devoted parents, he decides to leave public school and attend the boarding school where his father graduated.There he meets Chip "The Colonel," Takumi, Lara (his first girlfriend) and the mysterious Alaska.  Miles falls head over heels for her, but she has a boyfriend.  Alaska is a complex character:  loves to read, smoke, drink and have sex.  She's intelligent but moody.  She is an enigma to Miles and he is captivated. However, Alaska has deeper issues.  No one can seem to figure her out.  She berates herself from time to time, seeking the clues to "the labyrinthOne morning, Miles wakes up to devastating news.  He and his friends try to solve the mystery but sometimes, there is no answer. The book has won awards.  It is a modern day version of  Catcher In The Rye.  It's witty and realistic to some extent.  However, it has a few sexual encounters and heavy with raw language.  Keep this in mind when deciding to allow certain age groups to read.  More of a senior level and into college reading due to the content.">View all my reviews</a>

Have Yourself A Curvy Little Christmas by Sugar Jamison

Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas: A Perfect Fit Holiday Novella

"Have Yourself A Curvy Little Christmas" by Sugar Jamison

This is a sweet book for holiday reading.  Dina is a single mother in search of the father who abandoned her and her son when she told him she was pregnant.  Instead of finding the father, she meets Ben, the older brother.  A wealthy, reclusive man who lives in a mansion with servants, he is holding secrets and a sadness he is not willing or ready to share. However, Dina is a breath of fresh air with a "no holds barred" attitude, a sassy mouth yet her own humiliating past.  Ben offers her a life she has always dreamed:  a husband, a home, a family and never having to want for anything again.  It's all she had imagined, but without love?  This is a predictable story yet a fun read, especially the broody Ben.  He is written in a way that the reader wants to jump into the book and rescue him for herself. It's enjoyable and a perfect fit for the Christmas season.">View