Thursday, September 21, 2017

I have reviewed books and judged writing contests for years. As I perused through some of the reviews, I was a bit vexed over the comments. I feel that some people review by comparing to past stories of what they WANTED to read, not what was there FOR them to read. In this world today, there are so many tales published but the only "successful" ones must be filled with violence, or sex, or alcohol etc. Yes, a plot must have conflict, but it doesn't necessarily mean it must be so extreme that it's not interesting. My tastes range all over the place:  there are days I seek hearty adventure, others sweet romances and then mysteries or suspenseful tales that leave me on the edge. So, with this introduction, I will tell you about this book.  It is what I term an inspirational romance for young adults and even teens. Yes, there are people in the world who are faith based, believe in manners, chivalry and just an overall belief that mankind can be good.  I should know because I have family and friends that exhibit these qualities.  When I began reading the story of Archie, the protagonist, my life was at a good point where I smiled quite a bit and enjoyed the everyday events in the small beach town of Outlandish. There, the reader meets Archie, a young man with a talent for writing but an eccentric trait:  he wears hats, uses umbrellas, eats under the table...anything that makes him feel safe and secure.  It's a condition that can't quite be cured, but the town has accepted it and have grown to view it as quite normal. One day, a young lady named Tallie, comes to visit. She's an assistant to a rather world renown photographer named Gemma. Gemma is quite intrigued with Archie and at first wants to take photos and published them, but Archie refuses. He doesn't want to see his pictures plastered everywhere for people to gawk. Tallie grows quite smitted with Archie and eventually, the romance blooms.  Now, I refuse to discuss how they deal with his conflict, but I will address that some mild treachery is at bay, love letters, miscommunication, heart break and eventual healing will all resolve itself.  However, ask yourself, How does Tallie deal with Archie's issue? What about Gemma and printing pictures without permission? Or was it Gemma? What about a mysterious lady named Sybil who appears on the scene. What makes Tallie leave for New Zealand...without Archie? How does Archie's friend Luke find love on the first date?  Hmmm.....wrap this all up with a bit of Christianity and you have a sweet story appropriate for all ages, including teens.  It teaches honesty, faith, commitment, determination and acceptance.  These are traits sorely needed in the world today. The illustrations by the author's daughter and also a soundtrack composed to match the story (by the author's son) make this a unique book for your collection. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. (If you are wondering why it took me so long to finish this best friend died and I lost a part of myself for awhile.  When I finally began the healing process and the emotion of feeling guilty for experience happiness again...I picked the book back up and finished it. I'm so glad I did!)

If you are interested in reading this book on your Kindle or to purchase, here is the link!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks

Keep Me Safe (Slow Burn Trilogy #1)

If you are a huge fan of Maya Banks and her style of devoted, hunky men who protect the women they love at all costs, then you will be happy with the first of her Slow Burn series, Keep Me Safe.  This time around, Raime, the female character, is gifted in a way comparable to an empath, but she can sense evil, feel it and experience so much that it can consume her, almost to the threshold of death.

The male protagonist, Caleb, is intent on finding his missing sister, Tori, (who also has special abilities)  and he demands the assistance of Raime, who has been in hiding.  She is recovering from a police case that had greatly affected her physically and emotionally.  Without regard to her traumatic experience, Caleb forces her to help him but with disastrous results.

When Caleb returns to find Raime, she has disappeared.  Eventually, she returns and begs for his help instead. She is now the hunted and the person after her will stop at nothing, including using his own deadly gift, to possess and extinguish her soul forever.

Action paced, emotionally charged and steamy scenes, Keep Me Safe will KEEP you entertained!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sweet Tale of Friendship and Love

New book everyone!  Just in time for the holidays.  This is an excellent gift for young adult readers.  I would like to add if you are picky about gifts and are looking for a wholesome story without violence, sex and foul language.  Beautiful book!


Ingrid is a young adult novel set within a Scottish culture with a touch of magic and the paranormal. The book is written in such a way that the mystical elements are quite believable and spiritual. The time period is neither past, present or future, but placed in a setting that is nonspecific but can be imagined quite clearly. Ingrid is a special young lady with one flaw - she cannot physically speak. However, her childhood friend, Adair, does not see this as a fault. As the son of the town's loathed villager, he finds solace with his beautiful friend. As the story progresses, many characters are introduced and interweaved into the mysteries surrounding Adair's father, mother, and the gift that Ingrid offers to all, unknowingly. Her "flaw" becomes something more precious than anyone ever conceived. A curious pair of travelers enter into the plot and as the tale unwinds, a hated person becomes wrongly accused and jailed, forgiveness, redemptions and hearts are healed. This story is unique in nature. Young adult readers will enjoy the journey not only between Ingrid and Adair, but the epiphanies the minor characters experience. Spirituality, love, friendship and commitment are themes are constantly present. It will teach the reader that one can make mistakes in life, to forgive is truly divine and that the power of love is ultimately the answer.

If you were lucky enough to purchase the limited edition, the accompanying music written specifically for the novel by Jared Kraft is at times haunting, sweet and joyous. Each tune matches the mood of the subplots and heightens the senses to actually experience the pain, love and loss throughout the book. 

The music, the story and the illustrations will be make the story highly original and unique in nature. Worth the read! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

When Day Breaks by Maya Banks

When Day Breaks If you know Maya Banks, then you are familiar with the KGI series that she has written about the Kelly brothers.  When Day Breaks is Book 9 in the series involving tough, covert military men who have a passion for their families and the rare "Code of Chivalry."  The main character, Swanny, was introduced in Book 4, Whispers in the Dark.  He returned home, saved by KGI, from torture and imprisonment.  He had been jailed with one of the Kelly brothers, Nathan, who was also rescued.  Swanny was a quiet character in the background but not totally invisible.  One side of his face had been ravaged by the enemy and he kept a low profile.  Adopted into the Kelly family, Swanny figured he would never find love but would gladly accept the love of family.

When Day Breaks changes his perspective.  This time, Swanny is the main hero and his job is to protect Eden, a high profile celebrity supermodel.  Eden is not the stereotypical model: she is beautiful spiritually as well as physically.  When her life is threatened (connected to her own military father and brothers), KGI sends Swanny and his team to act as bodyguards. She surprises everyone with her calm demeanor, sweet nature and pure heart.  She is never demanding or spoiled.  She listens with logic and cares about the team risking their own lives to protect hers.

Swanny is amazed that Eden only has eyes for him. She is not repulsed by his scars, but rather, intrigued by his quiet nature and gentle manner. He dares to believe that he might actually have a future with someone, but still is quite pessimistic about the possibility of love.

As the story unfolds, the "Beauty and the Beast" scenario is mildly played out:  Swanny is a confident man yet conflicted in some aspect. Eden has her own weaknesses, especially when it comes to Swanny.  She has to find a way to show him that there is a future for them.  They balance each other.

I am a huge fan of the KGI series.  The camaraderie, the humor, the tough guy persona and the gentle sides of the warriors are romantic, indeed.  Swanny had me intrigued from Book 4 and I waited in anticipation for his own story.

Sex Scene Levels:  Steamy, Hot and Sweet
Some violence/curse words

I recommend this series.  You will be forever hooked and become a part of the KGI family.

You can purchase the book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble: (see links below)

If you would like to learn more about ALL of Maya Banks' romantic novels, check out her website:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Married for Christmas

Jessica is a twenty eight year old, somewhat reserved woman, who works from home and takes care of her ailing mother. She's never done anything in her life to attract attention - including enhancing her looks. However, she longs for a husband and children, but has decided that it won't happen without making some changes.

Daniel has been Jessica's childhood friend and now one of her closest. As a pastor, Daniel has a role in town to take care of others and his church. His seven year marriage ended tragically when his wife died, along with his ability to ever love again. He is a finalist for his own church but his one flaw is that he is single.

Jessica has a plan: she wants marriage and doesn't expect love. Daniel wants his job, but believes falling in love again will be next to impossible.

A marriage of convenience between two best friends. Sounds simple but becomes very complicate when Jessica realizes she wants the entire package, but Daniel cannot let go of his grief of his deceased wife.

A sweet story, full of small surprises. If you are looking for inspirational romance only, then this story may not be for you due to some mild swearing and sexual scenes, but overall a story of healing, forgiveness and falling in love.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lindsay McKenna: "High Country Rebel"


Ahh...the Navy SEAL. What woman can resist this type of hero?

Talon is returning home to his cancer stricken mother. He has been sending all of his paychecks to pay for her medical bills. However, his best friend and he are captured in Afghanistan, tortured and injured. His best friend dies, but Talon is rescued and sent home with is combat dog, Zeke.

Destitute, Talon hikes to his childhood home in the mountains, in order o be with his mother. His injuries, lack of funds lead to his almost death during a freak storm. He collapses on the mountainside, lungs filled with pneumonia, right at paramedic/firefighter, Cat, drives by.

Cat is able to get Talon to the working ranch where she lives off and on between shifts. There, she and her friends, are able to heal Talon, although he fights PTSD.

As he recovers, Talon not only deals with the impatience of seeing his mother (he cannot until he is healthy) but the fact that Cat is being stalked by a former lover. Cat, a tall strong woman, has dealt with an abusive past and poor relationships. Can she trust Talon not to lose control as well?

As the story develops, Cat and Talon face his PTSD, her qualms with trust, the possible death of Talon's mom and a man bent on controlling Cat physically and emotionally.

A suspenseful read with emotions that run high from time to time.

Rachel Lee: "Killer's Prey"


I am a huge fan of Rachel Lee and her Conard County series. This story is about loss of innocence, despair, tragedy, redemption and the power of forgiveness. Nora is the heroine who is a psychologist. She was raped, beaten, tortured and left for dead. When she physically recovers, she reluctantly returns to Conard County to her abusive, religious zealot of a father. It is her only choice. However, her high school crush, who is now a deputy sheriff, intervenes and has her move into his ranch while she recuperates.

Most of the story revolves around Nora and Jake healing emotionally from the past and helping her deal with her emotional traumas. However, the man who had attacked Nora skips out on his bail and is determined to finish what he started. A control freak, he cannot allow to leave things "unfinished."

With the help of Jake, but also the determination to survive, Nora has to decide to trust again, and possibly find love.

The hero, Jake, is patient, compassionate and highly protective.

Another strong tale from Rachel Lee.