Monday, July 7, 2014

When Day Breaks by Maya Banks

When Day Breaks If you know Maya Banks, then you are familiar with the KGI series that she has written about the Kelly brothers.  When Day Breaks is Book 9 in the series involving tough, covert military men who have a passion for their families and the rare "Code of Chivalry."  The main character, Swanny, was introduced in Book 4, Whispers in the Dark.  He returned home, saved by KGI, from torture and imprisonment.  He had been jailed with one of the Kelly brothers, Nathan, who was also rescued.  Swanny was a quiet character in the background but not totally invisible.  One side of his face had been ravaged by the enemy and he kept a low profile.  Adopted into the Kelly family, Swanny figured he would never find love but would gladly accept the love of family.

When Day Breaks changes his perspective.  This time, Swanny is the main hero and his job is to protect Eden, a high profile celebrity supermodel.  Eden is not the stereotypical model: she is beautiful spiritually as well as physically.  When her life is threatened (connected to her own military father and brothers), KGI sends Swanny and his team to act as bodyguards. She surprises everyone with her calm demeanor, sweet nature and pure heart.  She is never demanding or spoiled.  She listens with logic and cares about the team risking their own lives to protect hers.

Swanny is amazed that Eden only has eyes for him. She is not repulsed by his scars, but rather, intrigued by his quiet nature and gentle manner. He dares to believe that he might actually have a future with someone, but still is quite pessimistic about the possibility of love.

As the story unfolds, the "Beauty and the Beast" scenario is mildly played out:  Swanny is a confident man yet conflicted in some aspect. Eden has her own weaknesses, especially when it comes to Swanny.  She has to find a way to show him that there is a future for them.  They balance each other.

I am a huge fan of the KGI series.  The camaraderie, the humor, the tough guy persona and the gentle sides of the warriors are romantic, indeed.  Swanny had me intrigued from Book 4 and I waited in anticipation for his own story.

Sex Scene Levels:  Steamy, Hot and Sweet
Some violence/curse words

I recommend this series.  You will be forever hooked and become a part of the KGI family.

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