Sunday, February 9, 2014

Married for Christmas

Jessica is a twenty eight year old, somewhat reserved woman, who works from home and takes care of her ailing mother. She's never done anything in her life to attract attention - including enhancing her looks. However, she longs for a husband and children, but has decided that it won't happen without making some changes.

Daniel has been Jessica's childhood friend and now one of her closest. As a pastor, Daniel has a role in town to take care of others and his church. His seven year marriage ended tragically when his wife died, along with his ability to ever love again. He is a finalist for his own church but his one flaw is that he is single.

Jessica has a plan: she wants marriage and doesn't expect love. Daniel wants his job, but believes falling in love again will be next to impossible.

A marriage of convenience between two best friends. Sounds simple but becomes very complicate when Jessica realizes she wants the entire package, but Daniel cannot let go of his grief of his deceased wife.

A sweet story, full of small surprises. If you are looking for inspirational romance only, then this story may not be for you due to some mild swearing and sexual scenes, but overall a story of healing, forgiveness and falling in love.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lindsay McKenna: "High Country Rebel"


Ahh...the Navy SEAL. What woman can resist this type of hero?

Talon is returning home to his cancer stricken mother. He has been sending all of his paychecks to pay for her medical bills. However, his best friend and he are captured in Afghanistan, tortured and injured. His best friend dies, but Talon is rescued and sent home with is combat dog, Zeke.

Destitute, Talon hikes to his childhood home in the mountains, in order o be with his mother. His injuries, lack of funds lead to his almost death during a freak storm. He collapses on the mountainside, lungs filled with pneumonia, right at paramedic/firefighter, Cat, drives by.

Cat is able to get Talon to the working ranch where she lives off and on between shifts. There, she and her friends, are able to heal Talon, although he fights PTSD.

As he recovers, Talon not only deals with the impatience of seeing his mother (he cannot until he is healthy) but the fact that Cat is being stalked by a former lover. Cat, a tall strong woman, has dealt with an abusive past and poor relationships. Can she trust Talon not to lose control as well?

As the story develops, Cat and Talon face his PTSD, her qualms with trust, the possible death of Talon's mom and a man bent on controlling Cat physically and emotionally.

A suspenseful read with emotions that run high from time to time.

Rachel Lee: "Killer's Prey"


I am a huge fan of Rachel Lee and her Conard County series. This story is about loss of innocence, despair, tragedy, redemption and the power of forgiveness. Nora is the heroine who is a psychologist. She was raped, beaten, tortured and left for dead. When she physically recovers, she reluctantly returns to Conard County to her abusive, religious zealot of a father. It is her only choice. However, her high school crush, who is now a deputy sheriff, intervenes and has her move into his ranch while she recuperates.

Most of the story revolves around Nora and Jake healing emotionally from the past and helping her deal with her emotional traumas. However, the man who had attacked Nora skips out on his bail and is determined to finish what he started. A control freak, he cannot allow to leave things "unfinished."

With the help of Jake, but also the determination to survive, Nora has to decide to trust again, and possibly find love.

The hero, Jake, is patient, compassionate and highly protective.

Another strong tale from Rachel Lee.