Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rachel Lee: "Killer's Prey"


I am a huge fan of Rachel Lee and her Conard County series. This story is about loss of innocence, despair, tragedy, redemption and the power of forgiveness. Nora is the heroine who is a psychologist. She was raped, beaten, tortured and left for dead. When she physically recovers, she reluctantly returns to Conard County to her abusive, religious zealot of a father. It is her only choice. However, her high school crush, who is now a deputy sheriff, intervenes and has her move into his ranch while she recuperates.

Most of the story revolves around Nora and Jake healing emotionally from the past and helping her deal with her emotional traumas. However, the man who had attacked Nora skips out on his bail and is determined to finish what he started. A control freak, he cannot allow to leave things "unfinished."

With the help of Jake, but also the determination to survive, Nora has to decide to trust again, and possibly find love.

The hero, Jake, is patient, compassionate and highly protective.

Another strong tale from Rachel Lee.


  1. Oooh, I haven't read this one. I'm a HUGE fan of Conard County series. My faves are #3 Miss Emmaline and the Archangel (Gage is a superb hero & I never tire of reading this story) and #1 Exile's End. Need to go find them read them again. Thanks for the reminder, Tina!

  2. Hi Penny: I love the same exact book as you. I still have my copy. I have always enjoyed Rachel Lee!